In the vast expanses of Kazakhstan, the adoption of electric cars has seen a remarkable 65.4% growth over the past year, bringing the total number to 812 vehicles, as reported by QazMonitor.

However, these electric vehicles constitute a mere 0.02% of the country's overall car fleet. In stark contrast, a significant portion of the vehicle population, 322.4 thousand to be precise, relies on mixed fuel, comprising 8.2% of all registered vehicles in the country.

Regional Trends and Surges in Electric Car Registration

Analyzing the regional distribution of electric cars, Almaty emerges as a hotspot, witnessing a substantial surge from 43 to 420 vehicles in just one year. Following closely, the North Kazakhstan region takes second place with 108 registered electric cars, while the capital city, Astana, claims the third spot with 61 registrations, a notable increase from the previous year's count of 35

Mixed Fuel Dominance and Environmental Concerns

While electric cars make strides in certain regions, the dominance of mixed-fuel vehicles, particularly in the Mangystau region with 74.3 thousand units, raises environmental concerns. Interestingly, the production of hybrid cars, despite their eco-friendly image, is pointed out as contributing to significantly more pollution, attributed to the lithium-ion batteries powering them.

Global Electric Car Trends and Tesla Dominance

Shifting the focus to global trends, Heycar's insights reveal a 40% growth in electric car sales worldwide in 2022. Astonishingly, one in every ten cars sold globally was electric.

The Tesla Model Y takes the spotlight as the best-selling electric car of the year, surpassing its predecessor, the Tesla Model 3. Despite a slight dip in overall electric car registrations, totaling 1.6 million in 2022, the impact of the pandemic and the persistent shortage of semiconductor chips are noted as contributing factors.

Hybrid Cars Surge Globally Amidst Challenges

Contrary to the modest decline in electric car registrations, the global market for hybrid cars experienced a drastic surge in 2021. According to analysts at the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, gasoline-powered passenger cars witnessed a remarkable 75.6% increase in sales, with more than 799,000 units sold.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles also recorded a significant spike, selling 173,500 units, marking a 2.5-fold increase from the previous year. Additionally, pure electric car sales rose to 459,400 units, reflecting a robust 92.6% surge compared to the preceding year.